CREATIVIVA – Touring Shows

Step right up, and get your tickets while they’re hot! Canadian theatre show producer Creativiva is coming to town, and bringing their fabulous and jaw-dropping touring shows to a stage near you.

Imagine the reaction on children’s’ faces when their parents surprise them with tickets to see their favourite characters from imaginary lands come alive right before their eyes. Creativiva’s touring shows draw spectators of all in each city visited, and leave a remarkable impact on the performing arts community as a whole.

Spotlight on Creativiva

From Qatar to Singapore, Turks and Caicos to Dubai, Creativiva’s hit touring shows such as Alice in Wonderland, the Jungle Book, Treasure Island, and many more have graced stages in theatres, shopping malls, hotels and resorts all around the world. Produced in English, our touring shows are designed with international audiences in mind, and are customized accordingly with simple dialect, exaggerated acting, and aids for ease of comprehension. Our touring musicals feature popular song choices that are recognizable by audiences of any language and culture, because we believe that the magic of our theatre shows can be experienced equally by all. With Creativiva, booking our theatre shows is simple – we even offer consulting services to recommend how to implement our touring shows into your venue… so no stage, no problem! We focus on bringing theatre shows to you, no matter to circumstances, because as our name states, we live to create.

Touring Shows Simply the best

As a theatre show producer, we believe in high quality, hard work, and professionalism. We implement all of these values into our touring shows, so you know that when you book Creativiva, you’re signing up for reliability and quality. We understand that your brand is important, so we treat your business as our own: with compassion and by putting our best foot forward, every time. Our performers and creative staff are world-class and hard-working, and we thrive by creating smiles and memories. If your theatre, resort, or business of any type is seeking a theatre show to book, consider Creativiva’s astounding touring shows and touring musicals, and may you never look back.

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