CREATIVIVA – Event Entertainment

Where does creativity belong? At Creativiva, we believe the answer is everywhere, and that is exemplified in our name, “Creativiva” – “live to create”.

That is why our unique entertainment is designed and custom-built to exist anywhere, whether it be at a formal venue, a traditional theatre setting, or your own backyard! Whether you need entertainment large- or small-sized, our unique entertainment is at your service.

So much more than just theatre shows

No stage? No problem. Creativiva offers professional entertainment consultation to see where our unique entertainment can be incorporated at your space. Creativiva creates classic theatre shows, hotel entertainment, roaming artistry, and any other performance-based art form you can think of. Want to wow your guests the second they check-in? We can create hotel shows right in your lobby. Want to keep the party going at your corporate gala? We have circus artists that can be incorporated into your event. What sets our unique entertainment apart is that it is adaptable to any venue type. With the limitless creativity of Creativiva, the smiles never have to stop.

Unique entertainment : The stage and beyond

Over the past decade and a half, we’ve brought hotel shows and other unique entertainment from our Toronto headquarters to stages, pool decks, lobbies and backyards at every corner of the globe. Creativiva has something for everyone, so if the unique entertainment you require must suit one or many audience types, we’ve got you covered. Looking for something specific? Creativiva’s theatre shows and other performance types are customizable and adaptable. Short on time? Many of Creativiva’s circus acts, musicals, and other theatre shows are written, rehearsed, and ready to go. Not quite sure what it is you’re looking for? Browse our many unique entertainment solutions, or book one of our consultants to see what performance type would best suit your business or personal needs. We’re in the business of building laughs, sparking smiles, invoking thought and creating memories, and we know exactly how to do it in whatever venue. Don’t take chances with over-used and predictable entertainment – give your clients something to talk about and a reason to remember your firm with Creativiva, the unique entertainment producer you won’t find anywhere else.


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