We are artists.

The Creativiva team is always collaborating with the best in the business to create your unique audience experience. Productions are only as good as the people who create them. We work with world class designers, producers, sound engineers, performance artists, fine artists and more ? whoever is needed to make your project one-of-a-kind



The creative connoisseur, Lukas develops the artistic vision for all of Creativiva?s productions. A former performing artist, choreographer and director, he has become an expert in curating, producing and directing unique entertainment experiences. Doing his masters degree in creation, he explored sharing that energy with audiences and realized his passion was to create holistic entertainment experiences. Personally, Lukas believes in craft of designers and brands, and the stories they tell. He enjoys places and spaces that inspire creativity and stays active playing squash and soccer.

Lukas Cabalka

Director & Executive Producer
Toronto, Canada


Bringing her passion for performing arts, culture and entertainment from St. Petersburg to Toronto, Yulia is an emerging event enthusiast committed to excellence in her profession. With academic background in event planning and international relations, Yulia has worked and volunteered for various cultural, sporting, corporate and charitable events. In her spare time, you can find Yulia enjoying her favourite tunes at a concert, discovering new inspiring talents, or planning a trip to the next destination to be crossed off her travel bucket list.

Yulia Gavriltseva

Project Manager
Toronto, Canada


After a rewarding year spent alongside the Creativiva.comnadian team in Toronto, J-C is now back in France and glad to work as a Project Manager from Aix-en-Provence ! His passion for music and the arts complemented by his educational background in cultural communication, previously led him to work on the production of festivals throughout France and Quebec. In his spare time, J-C loves volunteering with various cultural events, spending time with his friends and playing guitar.

Jean Christophe Adeux

Project Manager
Aix-en-Provence, France


Over the past decade, Kelvin has travelled across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Australia and North America to work on various government, humanitarian and personal projects. Kelvin’s diverse background of events, concerts, performances and business, along with his passion for perfection and attention to detail ensures every project he’s involved in is top notch. He loves to work, travel and visit his friends around the world whenever he can.

Kelvin Young

International Business Development
Toronto, Canada


As another Don Quixote with the right heart, the right passion and determination to risk it all and reinvent herself in art, Ira left Athens to pursue her masters at the University of Michigan. Ever since, she worked in production management, event design, marketing and development as well as administrated performances and short-term projects with local schools and youth programs in Boston. Her experience of living in different cultures has given her the unique perspective she brings to her work endeavours. Ira loves traveling, books, Wong Kar- Wai’s poetic slow motion scenes and Buñuel’s surrealism.

Ira Skampi

Booking, Licensing & Casting Specialist
Toronto, Canada


Negin began her journey in events through the Ryerson Theatre School’s Performance Production program. She currently holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a post-graduate certificate in Event Design. In recent years, Negin has had the privilege of working in various productions including theatre, film, and fashion show projects. She has contributed to various live events as a Stage Manager, Production Manager, Event Coordinator, and Visual Collaborator. Being a natural explorer with a love of different cultures, and a lust for learning, Negin is constantly looking for adventure to spark her creative inspiration.

Negin Nasirpour

Assistant to Producer
Toronto, Canada


A passionate artist, designer and film-maker with a degree in Design and Visual Communication. Natalie has loved art and entertainment since she was a little girl and could see herself not only pursuing that as a career, but also in her everyday life. She is always inspired by the creative arts thus constantly appreciating the beauty in her surroundings. At an early age, she has already participated in many projects in Canada and abroad and is eager to achieve more.To Natalie, life is incomplete without music, pets and fitness. She also enjoys travel, seeing new places and faces plus experiencing different foods and cultures.

Natalie Beiruti

Visual Artist & Designer
Toronto, Canada


Digital Painter and Illustrator with superhuman passion for visual arts. In pursue of a more fulfilling career, he left behind his previous experience in HR and a Master's degree in International Business and decided to follow his lifelong craving for drawing and painting. Starting off with a 2D animation course and winning a competition in 2013, he has since then dedicated himself to learning and practicing the craft through any means possible

Rami Juma

Digital Painter & Illustrator
Toronto, Canada


Alan is a passionate and innovative theatre director. He trained as an actor in Dublin and started his career with the National Theatre of Ireland. He soon found his talents lay in the creative side. Now he has over 15 years solid experience in a wide variety of genres and disciplines from Shakespeare to musical theatre. He has directed all over Ireland, New York and Toronto and since joining Creativiva he has had shows tour China, Qatar and Oman. Alan loves traveling, meeting people and having the opportunity to create new experiences. He also loves to write and has an MA in screenwriting.

Alan Kinsella

Resident Theatre Director
Toronto, Canada


Julie is a Jessie Award winning choreographer and former Radio City Rockette. She has travelled the world as a choreographer, director, educator, and in the past as a performer and student. Recent theatre credits include: MARY POPPINS, CRAZY FOR YOU, SINGIN THE RAIN, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, DAMES AT SEA, CHESS, HAIRSPRAY, and SHREK. Julie also works in film and television – she served as the choreographer for NBC/Universal pilot WARRIOR, starring Will Yun Lee, as well as for episodes of BLINK (CW), PACKAGE DEAL (CityTV), MR. YOUNG (Disney XD), and SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (YTV). Julie loves collaborating with director Lukas Cabalka and looks forward to creating more unique entertainment with Creativiva.

Julie Tomaino

Resident Choreographer
Toronto, Canada


Nicolas is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada in Set and Costume Design program. As an impassioned, versatile and daring creator, he relishes meeting new challenges and having novel artistic encounters. He has collaborated with artists and creators covering the whole artistic spectrum to design and bring untold worlds into existence through theatre, circus, dance, figure skating, television, motion pictures, special events and fashion. He collaborated with Cirque Éloize and Cirque du Soleil, Just For laugh Festival and many more.
Dancers, singers and artists also wore his creations while performing at the American Music Awards, the Voice, MTV VMA’s, Emmy and Grammy’s Award and for the Time Square New Year’s Eve event.

Nicolas Paré

Costume designer
Montreal, Canada



Mike Ross

Music Director
Toronto, Canada



Marek Wojcik

Props & Special Ecffects
Toronto, Canada


The Creativiva team is always collaborating with the best in the business to create your unique audience experience. Productions are only as good as the people who create them. We work with world class designers, producers, sound engineers, performance artists, fine artists and more – whoever is needed to make your project one-of-a-kind.