Innovation and self-expression vs. mass culture trends. Are they compatible when it comes to theatre productions? 

Professional theatre has two sides – commercial and not-for-profit. While not-for-profit theatre seems to have more freedom in experimenting with new productions, commercial theatre productions exist in certain boundaries. They need to achieve their artistic goals keeping in mind     their audience’ preferences. Broadway has been successful in it with its commercial theatre productions for over a century.


For a musical production to succeed, it’s important to produce such a spectacle that can attract spectators for a longer period of time. However, here comes a question – should theatre productions serve audience fully and be led by its tastes in order to guarantee a success? Or is there a place for innovators and visionaries who can deliver theatre productions that become trend-setters? 


Hamilton is perfect example of the latter one. Its outstanding success – 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album, enthusiastic critical reception and unprecedented advance box office sales – is incomparable with any others. The topic of the production is very non-commercial, however, Hamilton has rapidly got a place amongst legendary theatre productions of the contemporary musical theatre, which can be considered as a big victory for the artistry of theatre.


Creativiva has always been successfully combining both approaches in its theatre productions. We closely follow trends in entertainment, popular themes, upcoming films, and more to create theatre productions that are relevant and speak to the audience. At the same time, we are artists and innovators, so we bring in unexpected elements to our shows, adapt traditional stories to modern realities, use new technologies, and go above and beyond with design, whether it’s costumes, makeup, props or set.


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