Find out how one of the most unique cities in the world creates dynamic event entertainment platforms.

As one of the most recognizable cities in the world, Toronto owes much of its hype to the multifaceted culture it represents. Over the years, Toronto events have been evolving into wholistic experiences, aiming to engage guests in unforgettable ways. Likewise, event entertainment in Toronto is transforming into much more than a side act, its becoming the talk of the town.

At Creativiva, it is our mission to inspire and create the unexpected. As guest expectations begin to demand a higher level of event entertainment and event experience, we find ways to embrace our city landscape, and ignite a new degree of imagination. Here are 3 ways how we see Toronto as the perfect stage for our art in event entertainment:


An installation for Toronto's Luminato festival by Mark Fast, 'Interpreting the Rose' was featured at Brookfield Place from June 11th to June 20th, 2010. My photo was also used for an article on Mark by Azure Magazine © 2010, Sara Collaton

Toronto provides a huge range of venue options when it comes to special events. Planners will agree that Toronto offers an amazing combination of classic, modern, and even abandoned venues that can take your breath away. When it comes to Toronto events entertainment, architecture is one of the most elemental and inspirational platforms. Here in the city, we have the privilege of beautiful modern designs such as the Brookfield Place (pictured above), as well as the grandeur of traditional luxury, such as Casa Loma. The foundation and style of architecture, especially in Toronto events entertainment, can be extremely effective. The style of unconventional event spaces is quickly taking the city by storm, now its time to enhance the architecture by bringing it to life through entertainment!



In the words of Shakespeare, “all the world’s a stage,” and Toronto’s landscape offers a wide spectrum of event canvases. From the dichotomy of nature vs industrial at the Evergreen Brickworks (pictured above), to the city core bustle of Roy Thomson Hall, to the city escape of the Toronto Islands. The city offers options to create and design, and ultimately produce unforgettable event entertainment experiences.
In one moment, your guests can be transported into an entirely different world simply through the landscape chosen, and the life brought into that canvas using event entertainment.



When it comes to culture and diversity, Toronto has no competition. Having the entire world in one city can only mean an endless plethora of taste, creation, and inspiration. It also means that a wide range of event experiences can be shared among event guests. Toronto event entertainment has the advantage of cultural liberty. Events and event entertainment can use a culturally blended experience to heighten the spectator engagement. This cultural freedom extends to emerging urban movements which can easily embrace the city itself, while capturing a unique use of the Toronto landscape.
Creating unique experiences for guests is expanding beyond the the stage, it is becoming the foundational focal point of the Toronto event entertainment experience.
Lucky for us, in a beautiful city like Toronto, inspiration is in every corner.

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