Venture into the fantasy world of theme park entertainment appealing to your senses of nostalgia, romance or adventure.

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” – John Keats
Theme parks have become an international brand of entertainment. The worldwide theme park industry develops new experiences, implement new technologies and generate unique thrills. One of the primary reasons for this ongoing expansion, both today and in the future, is creativity.

Digital and physical world seamlessly integrated

Xsens motion capture technology adds an exciting new dimension to live performances such as human driven animated characters giving live performances in theme parks. Live Park represents a growing trend with 4D hologram performances. Disneyland’s fireworks show is enhanced with lasers and high-definition video projectors, ”Paint the Night” parade is enhanced with 1.5 million LED lights. Universal Studios Hollywood is slipping a 3D racing feature into its famous studio tour.

The essence of unique entertainment lies in storytelling

Creativiva transforms the theme park entertainment experience into full-on participatory adventures. Several of our projects are leveraging novel approaches and technology to guest engagement, really sinking the guest into the story.
Check Alice In Wonderland Creativiva’s theatrical show production featuring acting, singing, acrobatics, dancing and cirque aerial acts here.

Cirque visual sensation

Live entertainment is popular, as people yearn experiences that truly surround them and make them feel as if they’re in a certain place or time. Cirque can stimulate guests senses in a way that enlivens their experience and makes them more receptive to what is happening around them; creating more vivid memories to lure them back. An example, is the cirque-style avant-garde approach to theme park entertainment by Cirque de la Mer at SeaWorld San Diego. Futuroscope’s 2016 collaboration with Cirque du Soleil in France is another example of a new experience, combining visual and sound technology with water.
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