Take a look at the tour recap of  Creativiva’s latest musical theatre production, “Cinderella” in UAE.

Creativiva is proud to present its new musical theatre production for theatres and other stages – “Cinderella”. The beloved story of Cinderella came to life on stage of Al Qasba theatre in Sharjah, UAE earlier this month. The production was met with a very warm welcome from the local audience and a tremendous success in the box office.


Witty dialogues, creative choreography, contemporary songs, dazzling costumes, magnificent makeup, and talented cast – all of it made “Cinderella” a spectacular production that won hearts of both children and adults.


“Cinderella” joined Creativiva’s portfolio of family productions that have been touring worldwide for last five years. Our productions are highly interactive: artists address audience from the stage, ask them for help, advice, and encouragement. It’s always rewarding to see our young spectators jumping up from their seats in excitement and to see their parents smiling in awe.

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