Five things Creativiva does differently for world class corporate entertainment!

Creativiva has been all over the globe customizing events wherever we go! Specializing in unique entertainment Creativiva has taken corporate entertainment to a new level. More and more we have been getting requests for corporate entertainment which includes launches, promotions, corporate ceremonies, celebrations, galas, and experiential marketing! These are five things Creativiva does at every corporate event to make sure their client and corporate entertainment stand out!

1) World Class Performers

Creativiva is always customizing events and by doing so we are able to hand select the top performers from around the world! For all of our corporate entertainment we only use the best performers. Did you know that some of our circus performers also worked with Cirque du Soleil?

Aerial Hoop

2) Unique Entertainment

Not only do we offer a wide range of corporate entertainment but we offer unique entertainment only found at Creativiva! From gravity defying stunts to costumes that will light up the night, we will make your corporate event a night to remember. Customized entertainment is a what makes our corporate entertainment unforgettable and stand out for an night of true amazement. We understand every company wants to make their individual mark and by customizing all aspects of your event we can make sure your company makes its mark. You want it, we’ve got it!

Waterbowl Act

3) Adaptable Shows

Not a theatre? No problem! Our corporate entertainment is always customized entertainment, from intimate corporate gatherings to galas. Just one show can draw thousands of people to your company event and bring lots of business!

APPEA Day 2_Evening

4) Creative vs Production

Have you ever thought having entertainment at your company event is too difficult? That’s why we are here! Not only do we bring you creative ideas that will highlight your company, but we also plan every step of our corporate entertainment production. Creative concepts, designs, casting, production elements and on site coordinators are all at the tips of your fingers when you work with Creativiva!  From start to finish we make corporate entertainment an enjoyable experience for both the company and their guests!


5) Interactive Entertainment

It’s never just an event, it’s an experience! We aim to make all corporate events an experience which is why we always go above and beyond in making sure your guests get to feel as if they are part of the show. From solo acts to fully realized stage productions there are lots of opportunities for guests to not only see the performers but meet them! Interactive entertainment is a great opportunity for guests to take photos which they can take home or put up on social media and share with others to show that your company event was the place to be. This is how we make sure your corporate entertainment is not just a one time stunt, but a successful event that is sure to have people talking long after the night is over.


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