Learn what a difference live resort entertainment can make on a guest’s stay.

To understand how much the quality of live resort entertainment is important for positive guest experience, think about a typical guest profile and their previous experience with live entertainment. Guests are educated and discerning. They have seen world-class productions from Broadway and Cirque du Soleil, so when they arrive to a resort, entertainment that doesn’t keep up with their high standards will be a big disappointment.


Here’s a testimony of a guest about her stay in one of large all-inclusive resorts in Cancun:

“We had seen the same group of performers the night before at the resort’s Las Vegas Revue show, and even though the music and costumes were different, most of the moves were the same. After two nights, we decided that going to bed early was preferable to staying up again for the evening show.” (Olsen, 2015)

Can you see the performers here?

Can you see the performers here?

As evidenced by this comment, professional high-quality resort entertainment is on demand. By “high-quality”, we mean professional direction and choreography, innovative solutions, custom-made costumes with intricate details, vibrant makeup and, of course, professional performers with unique skills and talents. If entertainment doesn’t meet guests’ expectations, they leave a property for a night out in search of local entertainment venues, and if a resort is located in a remote area with no immediate access to other entertainment nearby, guests are left dissatisfied with their experience.



Due to operating in a highly competitive environment, resorts are strongly advised to revisit their entertainment strategy before it is too late.

LEAVE BEHIND: tribute bands, Elvis and other celebrity shows, amateur musicals, mediocre magic performances.

PRESENT IN 2016-2017: professional show productions exclusively produced for a resort brand, spectacular cirque shows, tasteful adult-only shows, original full-length Broadway musicals, relevant family theatricals.


We at Creativiva have mastered an art of creating show productions that represent not only the best resort entertainment, but the best entertainment – period.

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