Unique entertainment ? …Again ?

All entertainment agencies promote themselves as offering unique entertainment.

But what exactly is unique entertainment ?

Unique entertainment is not something which will make your audience say “cool” and then look away, however, that is what is happening at the majority of events. Unique entertainment is an experience. This experience must be real, rich, authentic, interactive, engaging, inspiring… It should impact your guests in a personal way and federate them together.


As a matter of fact, while event management companies strive to keep their audiences entertained, many entertainment agencies are offering over-used acts and shows that cannot be qualified as unique anymore.

So how  do you offer unique entertainment and make your audience live a truly memorable experience? One solution – CRAFTED ENTERTAINMENT.

Enteratainment as a craft.001

The entertainment you book must be tailored to your event. Before you read further, we recommend you review this article: 5 QUESTIONS BEFORE BOOKING ENTERTAINMENT. This article will allow you to identify your precise needs in entertainment.

Why trust Creativiva when building your very own entertainment experience ?

1 – We are experienced.

With 13 years experience of working on thousands of international events, we have designed entertainment packages for large opening ceremonies as well as for small company activations, all around the world.

2 –  We are creative

The Creativiva team is not only aware of the latest trends and demands in high tech entertainment, but Creativiva is innovative, using the newest tools to create bespoke and cutting-edge entertainment productions.


3 – We produce your entertainment program in-house

Our process of creation is seamless. Creativiva produces tailored entertainment solutions. Original scripts, dramaturgy, choreography, costumes, makeup designs – all of this is done in-house by Creativiva’s talented and experienced creative team. The shows are always rehearsed until all the elements come perfectly together.


4 –  We provide high-end quality entertainment

We believe that high-end entertainment is what makes the difference, not only in terms of the impact it has on audiences but also in terms of the image and branding of the event organizer. It’s because of this that we never compromise the quality of our entertainment productions. We pay close attention to details, and work with the best in the entertainment industry (costume designers and artists who worked with Cirque du Soleil, as well as choreographers and producers who worked on Broadway).

5 – And… We are nice people to talk to :).


Get in touch with Jean-Christophe at jean@creativiva.com and let us design your very own entertainment program!


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