Crafted entertainment lives at Creativiva! See how we do it every time!

You want something original. You want something no one has done before. You want something specific to your needs and desires. And you probably think it’s impossible, right? Excellent! That means you are in the right place because we do the impossible every day! We strive to make every event a new experience.


Every day we have inquires ranging from corporate entertainment to mall shows to brand activations and they all want the same thing: unique entertainment, original entertainment and most importantly, crafted entertainment! Everyone wants their event to stand out and make an impression on their audience, whoever they may be and that’s what we do best.

Every event has its own requirements and needs that require looking after, so why should the entertainment be any different? With crafted entertainment customized by Creativiva you can make sure whatever the occasion is it will leave a strong impression creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.


How do we do it you ask? How can we possibly create something specially crafted for each and every event? First off, no event is ever the same and therefore no entertainment should ever be the same! Our creative team is determined to make sure your crafted entertainment is customized to match the elements of your event. Not only do we think of many creative and unique ideas but we make them happen with our experienced production team committed to taking care of entertainment from start to finish. We always start by see what YOU would want? Our team not only plans your crafted entertainment but executes it on site to make sure you can enjoy all aspects of the event!

All our crafted entertainment is matched with unique and experienced artists equally dedicated to making the crafted entertainment of your choosing a sight to remember! Our acts can vary from aerial acts, roaming, solo performances, festival shows, parades and full musical productions! We do local and international events, indoors and outdoors! What you want, we create!

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