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When people smile, we clap, when people clap, we smile!

If you worked with us before, you probably already know that our passion is to push past the boundaries of regular events and entertainment productions. As artists, our goal is not only to achieve a perfect production, but to enjoy the process of creating a unique piece of entertainment art, which is what continues to motivate every single employee here at Creativiva!

The whole point of our work is to make people happy, by creating moments they will never forget.



– We believe in people and their passions. Our dynamic team is composed of talented individuals who all once experienced the pleasure of seeing an audience amazed by their work. This addictive feeling is what carries us forward, day after day.


– We believe that high-end entertainment is what makes the difference, not only in terms of the impact it has on audiences but also in terms of the image and branding of the event organizer. It’s because of this that we never compromise the quality of our entertainment productions. We pay close attention to details, and work with the best in the entertainment industry (costume designers and artists who worked with Cirque du Soleil, as well as choreographers and producers who worked on Broadway).


– We believe in innovation and originality. We never limit our imagination and always think of ways to create event experiences that are different from standard event productions.

– We believe in happy people making happy audiences which make for happy clients. That’s why we strive to offer a great working environment for our employees, offer them the chance to travel internationally, challenge them intellectually everyday, and have them grow with the company.


Let’s make your audience happy!

Get in touch with Jean-Christophe at and let us design your very own entertainment program.


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