Live Entertainment VS Recorded Entertainment

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Any millennial can navigate through social media and smartphones without any conscious effort. As a society, we are continuously bombarded with entertainment and various content,particularly in a virtual setting.
How, then, does one expect to produce any unique entertainment to capture those constantly stimulated by electronic traffic?

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Live entertainment can be considered the antidote to an indifferent culture. Live entertainment and creative entertainment have the ability to engage their audience in an unexpected way. The single most impactful element of live entertainment in special events is the relationship of the performer to the audience. The performer is able to engage, interact, and empower the spectator.
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Having live entertainment at a special event can enhance the theme of the event. It can compliment the illusion of a world only existing within the parameters of the event. A world of illusion that can be engulfed in beauty and mystery. In addition, the experience and emotion created through live entertainment are strictly exclusive to those present in the moment, and provide a sense of rarity.

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Live events have a particular advantage over our emotions. The value of real performers is their power to influence the emotional journey of their audience. The power of live entertainment is its ability to shock its audience, and open up their eyes. We live in a world where true spectacle is rarely seen outside of a digital screen; but live entertainment can truly remind people of the breadth of human capability.

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