Popularity of live family entertainment shows is growing rapidly all around the world, and Creativiva knows why.

The demand on live family entertainment has skyrocketed everywhere in the world during the last two years. There are more and more venues that are looking for live family entertainment shows. What do they look for when booking a show? High quality. This is a key to success in the entertainment industry, and Creativiva knows how to meet this demand.



Talented cast is the core of any show production. We carefully select artists for our live family entertainment shows through the auditions process. Creativiva takes pride in supporting young Canadian performers who have talent and skills to star in live family entertainment.



Creativiva produces original live family entertainment shows. Original scripts, dramaturgy, choreography – all of this is done in-house by Creativiva’s talented and experienced creative team. The shows are always rehearsed until all the elements come perfectly together. Take a look at the spectacular The Little Prince musical by Creativiva here.



A lot of effort goes into producing the highest quality of costumes and props to ensure the superior visual look of the show. Having spectacular costumes as well as vibrant makeup designs is especially important for live family entertainment to catch children’s attention. Check the beautiful costumes from Alice in Wonderland by Creativiva in this video.



Live family entertainment shows must be interactive for children to love them. Whether it is an interaction on-stage during the show, or off-stage when the characters mingle with the crowd, it is crucial to involve the audience in the show and create a magical fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.



There is a lack of high-quality live family entertainment companies worldwide that take an extra step and try something new in the show production. Creativiva sets the trends in live family entertainment by being inventive, coming up with fresh ideas and introducing the newest technology in its family shows.


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