5 reasons to conquer new heights and have a meeting on a rooftop for an entertainment company

Afraid of heights? We at Creativiva, an entertainment company operating from Canada and France, are definitely not! Moreover, we even have our meetings on the buildings’ rooftops every once in a while. Want to know why? Here are the roofTOP 5 reasons:


1. Our entertainment company plans to produce an aerial act as event entertainment for one of our outdoor events. As entertainment producers, we need to make sure that all technical aspects of aerial performance can be fulfilled perfectly on the site given. That’s why we climb a dozen stories high to examine the rising points. Aerial acts are great for large-scale events that require a wow factor to enhance event experience. Check out our stunning aerial acrobats and their view from 60 feet up in the air here.


2. For the large-scale outdoor events, like festivals or other public events, our entertainment company needs to see a venue (a city square, for example) from above. This view helps us to plan the stage setup – and sometimes, we even use multiple stages, like those for our 360 degree spectacle Illuminite – the annual holiday tree lighting ceremony in Toronto. Take a look at the last year’s event on Yonge-Dundas Square attended by over 10,000 people here.


3. The view from above also helps Creativiva assess the audience traffic flow and different view perspectives. As an entertainment company, we want to make sure that everyone in the audience enjoys our live entertainment at its fullest.


4. To be a successful entertainment company, Creativiva is always looking for new inspiration. Bird’s eye view can be truly inspirational and bring new creative ideas for event entertainment. Want to know what wow entertainment Creativiva is planning next? Like our Facebook page and follow all the latest news about creative event entertainment.


5. We just like to have fun because we are an entertainment company after all!

Contact yulia@creativiva.com to discuss creative entertainment ideas for your event to top your guests’ experience.