New trends and strong competition prompt development and innovation of cruise ship entertainment, while resort entertainment has been characterized as stagnating for a while. Is the revolution coming?

Cruise ship entertainment has been rapidly changing as new trends develop every year, and competition stimulates cruise lines to innovate their entertainment programs as well as renovate their entertainment venues in order to stay ahead of the game. Cruise ship entertainment has always been one of the major features of a cruise vacation package and often, a sell point for a customer to select one cruise line over others.


The leading companies in the cruise line industry provide entertainment that is not only the best one on a cruise ship, but the best entertainment, period. Jason Leppert in his Travelpulse article noted that there is a change of the guard happening in cruise ship entertainment as typical Las Vegas-style cabarets give way to more Broadway-style productions (Travelpulse, Aug 30, 2016). So what about resort entertainment?


Only a few resort chains promote their live entertainment programming. Usually, one needs to dig deep into resort websites to find information about their entertainment, if it exists at all. The average level of resort entertainment doesn’t come anywhere close to cruise ship entertainment; it’s often limited to local acts, local live bands and semi-professional shows put together by an animation team. Whilst all other amenities of a resort are brought up to the high standard, entertainment is often overlooked and not on par with the rest of services provided. You might think that guests don’t have high expectations from resort entertainment? They say the opposite.


An overview of the guest reviews about resort entertainment on Expedia shows that guests are frequently disappointed with the level of entertainment or the lack of it at all. While their mornings and afternoons are occupied with beach time, water activities and excursions, there is often not much to do in the evenings, and this can drastically affect guest experience from the stay.


What resorts need is high-quality, professionally produced entertainment that will enhance overall guest experience and keep guests on a property. Entertainment experts from Creativiva predict a revolution coming to resort entertainment that will bring the quality of entertainment productions up and change the perception of resort entertainment all together.


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