Booking entertainment can be challenging when one doesn’t know what to look for. Here is the guide to entertainment solutions Creativiva offers.

Booking entertainment might seem a simple task while selecting acts or shows from a vast variety of what is available. However, because of this vast variety, the risk of booking entertainment that is low-quality or outdated is also very high. Discover entertainment that will not disappoint here.


1. Circus shows

Circus shows nowadays are a lot more than a variety of different acts following one another. With popularization of the circus industry and popularity of talent shows, people are no longer amused by only the skills of circus performers. Are you wondering what else matters when booking entertainment? The finest details of costume design, elaborate makeup, unconventional apparatuses, specially selected and mixed, or even composed, music  – all of this delivers circus show with a world-class quality, which Creativiva offers for bookings.


2. Family shows

Family entertainment has been taken over by branded shows with beloved titles and easily recognizable characters. Heroes of famous tales and films are coming from the screens and book pages into a real life. When booking entertainment, remember that familiarity with images and stories helps these shows succeed as they excite both children and their parents. Family entertainment in 2016 is heavily dominated by influence from the films coming out on a big screen this year. Amongst them are “The Jungle Book” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. Creativiva has produced fascinating stage shows “Jungle Book Live” and “Alice in Wonderland Live” that feature handmade high-quality costumes, cirque-style makeup, multi-genre style of dance and acrobatics, aerial acrobatics and circus acts, and Broadway-style acting and singing.


3. Ice shows

Looking for something exotic while booking entertainment? How about a touch of cold in the heat of summer? Ice shows are  entertainment productions that are musical and/or dramatic in nature and use ice skating as a medium to present a story. With modern technologies of synthetic ice rinks, ice shows are versatile and easy to set up. The ice shows that Creativiva offers go beyond usual musicals on ice, and incorporate aerial acrobatics and live singing.


4. Food festivals

Culinary entertainment has been on the rise during the last 5 years due to popularity of various reality TV shows about cooking and TV chef competitions. Many chefs now have a celebrity status and have successfully entered the entertainment industry. If you are booking entertainment for food festivals, Creativiva offers cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs – those are incredibly entertaining and also educational! In addition, there is a variety of other acts and shows related to food and available for bookings for food festivals, for example, a pizza acrobatics show or a glass harp performance.


5. Exhibitions

If you are looking for a long-term activation that would engage a large volume of audience for a duration of several weeks, touring exhibitions are a perfect fit for you. They might not be the first thing that comes to mind when booking entertainment, however, exhibitions offer a great value for money because they only require time and labour for an initial setup and are very simple to run afterwards. Exhibitions about anything related to pop culture or arts are a guaranteed success; they are also a great tool to increase your social media presence as they provide good photo opportunities for visitors. Consider exhibitions when booking entertainment for shopping malls, festivals, or marketing campaigns.


6. Unique concepts

Don’t see anything that would fit a format of your event? We also develop customized shows from scratch – from an idea to a performance – and we can accommodate any requests: specifics of a venue, corporate branding and messaging, cultural norms, and many other variables that should be taken into consideration during show creation and production. Customized show production makes booking entertainment a seamless process!

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