5 questions to Yulia Gavriltseva –
Event Coordinator at Creativiva, international entertainment producers.

Bringing her passion for performing arts, culture and entertainment from St. Petersburg to Toronto, Yulia is an emerging event enthusiast committed to excellence in her profession. With academic background in event planning and international relations, Yulia has worked and volunteered for various cultural, sporting, corporate and charitable events.

1) How would you define Creativiva Inc ? 

Creativiva for me has always been a translation of its Latin meaning “long live creativity” into life. We are entertainment producers and experience architects, and we live and work to celebrate creativity every day. Through the art of entertainment production, we create experiences, which are always different, but memorable and inspiring every time.


2) What attracted you to work for Creativiva in the first place?

The fact that no one else in Canada does what Creativiva does. Creativiva is truly unique because it offers fully customized entertainment of the highest quality and believes that entertainment is an art. Creativiva also offers endless opportunities for being creative. And of course, I cannot avoid mentioning that operating worldwide means travelling around the globe and gaining valuable international experience of entertainment production and tour management.

3) What does your typical day look like?

I think there are no typical days at the Creativiva office! Every day is different, and this is one of the reasons why I love working here. Within one day I may work on planning the upcoming show productions, whether for local events or international tours, developing new business, researching the latest trends in entertainment, brainstorming creative ideas for new projects, scouting talent, and more.


4) Any memorable souvenir at Creativiva?

Canada Day 2015 at Queen’s Park in Toronto has been, probably, the most memorable Creativiva event for me. Creativiva has produced entertainment program for the entire celebration with a team of almost 100 performers, coordinators and crew on two stages and around the park. The event was a great success for Creativiva and a stellar professional experience for me, and I was full of euphoria and pride for our company at the end of the day.

5) How do you see Creativiva’s future in a couple years ?

I strongly believe that in a couple of years Creativiva will become a world-renowned leading brand in entertainment production not only amongst the industry specialists, as it has already become, but for the broad public too. We want to bring the highest quality of entertainment art to spectators worldwide, revolutionize approach to event entertainment and explore new opportunities, new technologies and new markets. I am confident in Creativiva’s success because everyone on our team is hard-working, passionate, and believes that nothing is impossible.

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